Monday, August 15, 2011

Our first priority: The leaking roof

As promised, Mark got straight to work on replacing our shingles.  Because he had plans to add on to the house, and would likely need to replace the roof again, he decided to go with the cheapest shingles he could find.  As luck would have it, one of his customer sites rented nail guns and his contact there was willing to let him borrow a few to redo our roof.

Mark, with his friends Andy, Micha and Nick, started pulling off the old shingles early on a Saturday.  I was in charge of coffee, sandwiches, water, and emergency hardware store trips.  Midway through the morning, it became apparent that a wheelbarrow would be necessary to haul shingles.  I headed over to 54th and Penn to pick one up at our local hardware store.  The guys, who had already started to recognize me as a repeat customer, showed me two types of wheelbarrows:  those that are already assembled, and those that require assembly.  We agreed that the former would be better.  However, the assembled wheelbarrow wouldn't fit in my Honda Civic.  No problem.  The guys said they were just headed to lunch and would drop it by the house on their way.  I quickly gave them my address, and within 20 minutes, we had a fully-assembled wheelbarrow delivered free of charge.  Did they win my loyalty that day?  You betcha.

The shingle-removal process was more time-consuming than we anticipated.  The hot sun made the work even more challenging.  Day two of replacing the roof came and went without  finishing the work.  Mark decided to take Monday off work, and asked Andy to do the same, so they could finish it up.

I didn't get up on the roof of the house much, but I did work with Mark to replace the shingles on our detached garage the following weekend.  I looked forward to checking this project off our list, so we could focus on the interior of the house.  First stop:  1940s-style bathroom wallpaper!

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