Saturday, September 17, 2011

Want to see some pictures?

 Here's the back of the house.  Notice the nice green lawn.  This picture was taken before the Bobcat incident.  The roof of the screened-in porch leaked, but otherwise it served as a nice dining room during summer and a little bit of fall.
 Here's the front of the house.  The skylight was nice, but it leaked.  It's unfortunate that an electrical outlet was placed just under the skylight, right where the rain dripped down.  The house came with no landscaping.  A blank slate.  I'm still working on that.
Here's the color we used in the kitchen and living room.  Our new kitchen and living room are still that color, and I am still glad we chose it.

Here's a photo of the half-story upstairs.  Notice the sloped ceiling.  Even I, at barely 5' 1" could hardly stand up straight there.  How did a family of five reside in that space?

Many of our early photos weren't digital, and I haven't taken the time to scan them, so I don't have much more to show of the early days.  I will post more photos as I start to tell about the major addition we put on in 2006.

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