Sunday, October 23, 2011

The surprise from our old dryer

Allow me to go back in time before the major project began.  I can't leave out the story of our dryer.  Before we put the addition onto the side of the house, Mark and I decided to finally take our old, rusty, non-working dryer out of the basement and get it hauled away.  We planned to drag it up the stairs and out the side door that was mercifully located at the top of the stairs.

The two of us lifted the dryer step by step, Mark at the bottom and myself at the top.  That thing was heavy!  Each time we dropped it onto a step, a coin or two fell out.  We got partway up the flight of stairs and Mark decided to give the dryer a thump.  A handful of coins fell out! I banged on the top of the dryer and more fell out of the bottom.  How about that?  The previous owner left us a little money in the dryer to go toward functioning appliances!  No wonder it was so heavy!

Once the dryer was outside, we took turns banging and shaking it to see how much more change would fall out.  Did someone think this machine was coin operated?  Mark took it apart to see if we could find where the coins were coming from.  But ultimately, our method of banging and shaking proved most successful in getting the coins to drop out of the bottom.

We guessed that the previous owner didn't empty his pockets of change before washing and drying clothes.  Nearly $40.00 in coins came out of that dryer that day.  Not enough to pay for the new dryer we had already purchased, but hey, every bit helps, right?

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