Saturday, September 8, 2012

The new house painted blue

The installation of the siding and windows went late into the fall, so we decided to wait until spring to get the house painted.  You never know when frost will wreak havoc on a painting project in the fall here in Minnesota, so we opted to be cautious.  This extra caution gave us a few more months to decide on our color scheme.

Homes in our neighborhood are generally some shade of beige, taupe or grey, with trim being painted the standout color.  Mark and I opted to go with the reverse.  We chose a muted blue with a dark taupe trim.

Our painter obtained samples of a few shades of blue and of taupe to test on our house so that we could be sure of our decision.  You see below the options that were painted on the back of our home.  We selected the second blue and the second taupe.

Several of our neighbors weighed in on the decision.  One neighbor was surprised once the house was painted; she thought we'd be using the blue for the trim, as is typical in our neighborhood.  Nope!

Our painter worked with us to decide on the exact shades of blue and taupe to choose.

Here's the house after it was painted blue.
 We were really pleased with how the colors coordinated when it was finished.  Even now, years later, I really like the way the colors work together.

Our freshly-painted front entrance.  Home sweet home.


  1. Love the big blue house!! Another great story...

  2. Cool color choices! Love it!

  3. Smart choice of colors! It turned out the way you want it to be! The color combination you chose complement with each other perfectly. It made your house standout among the houses there; I am certain with that! It also gave your house a fresh new look. Kudos to that! @ Royal Roofing & Siding, Inc.